Places (over the rainbow) #3

2007 / 2011   video installation   color + sound   looped 17'48" / cycle (excerpt: 7'52")

Double channel video installation, consisting of a number of aerial shots of cities taken from feature films, is an observation and a comment on the representation of cities in popular film culture. The collection of clips are put together in groups to show the same city at once, where synchronized two images allow the audience to observe how each city is portrayed sometimes in the much similar manner, though they are from different films. We see that architecture and city planning invite different directors to make similar to almost identical shooting decisions. These shots, which mostly last no longer than several seconds, usually define the location where a story takes place, therefore are naturally shot around landmarks and iconic sites. Or it is sometimes the music that tells the viewer where it is. Nonetheless these visual and audial representations have little to do with the experience one gets in the cities, but they are rather fictitious entities. The work features 25 cities from 106 films that were made during 1961-2010.